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Pikkujalon Flat Call

25.4.2010 – 17.1.2022

flaksin kuva

Breeder Anne Jalonen


Shows: 1xCACIB, 2xCAC, TLJW-12
Work: BH
Nationale d’Elevage 2012 La Souterraine: Cotation 3 (Excellent)
Health: HD A/A, ED 0/0, VA0, SP0, LTV0, sterilized

Flaksi is a result from our own breeding, the second, F-litter. Flaksi is very open and friendly dog with excellent appearance. Flaksi is father of two litters: Taabernakkelin V-litter and Karhupaimenen M-litter. Total number of offspring is 19.

With Flaksi we used to train waterrescue and search. 17.1.2022, after long illness, we decided to put Flaksi to eternal sleep.