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Kennel Pikkujalon


Welcome to our new pages. The English translation is still in progress, but we will publish the full English version soon.

We got our first beauceron 1995, and the first litter was bred 2006. All our dogs live daily lifes at our home, and we train them for our own and their joy as utility dogs and/or shepherds. We keep our knowledge of the breed up-to-date by regularly visiting Nationale d’Elevages in France. Our goal in breeding is a healthy and versatile beauceron that is according to the standard.

Since we got our first beauceron in 1995 we have been actively involved with the Finnish Beauceron Club to develop the breed and club. My husband and I were both promoted to honorary members of the club in 2020. We are also both members of the French club Les Amis du Beauceron.